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8 Mar

How to ask for fast loans

How to ask for fast loans

Asking for money in the online financial is very simple and also the first loan you request is free and will not pay interest as initial launch offer.
The steps to apply for loans instantly are as follows:

1.- Enter the website

Enter your website where you will find first a credit amount and term to return the money. You select the amount and this term to continue.

2.- Fill form

Access the form where you enter all your personal information, name and surname, address, telephone number, email address and your monthly income data and properties, although it is not necessary to have a home.

3.- Receive the money

receives all the data at the moment and analyzes your request. If everything is agreeable, they send a message to the cell phone or an email and you have to confirm the operation. As of that moment in less than 15 minutes he receives the money of the loan.

Requirements th requests to grant the loan

The basic requirements that this financial institution requests or conditions to be able to grant the loan are the following:
– You must reside in Spain what you document with your DNI (Spanish) or Resident Card (foreigners).
– Greater than 21 years and less than 65.
– You must have a current account or savings account and be in force.
– Need to have an email account where you send information and documents.
– Have a mobile phone with an operative line to contact.
– Demonstrate regular income from payroll, unemployment, aid, rents, etc.

Loans and defaulters

As all banks, savings and financial institutions usually do, the first thing they consult is if the applicant is in arrears or has an as-nee. If the applicant has asnef, it will be very difficult to grant the loan unless the cause of being on the list of defaulters is justified because it has already been paid or is not the responsibility of the petitioner.
It is preferable before requesting any credit facility, inform yourself that you are clean of debt and look for a solution, because if the bank sees that you have previous debts, it will not even analyze your case.
Let’s say that it is not possible to get loans and not in other financial and less in the bank since the reason for not having been able to pay a loan implies that it will stop paying on more occasions or because it is impossible to do so. basis to have no income or bad will of the applicant. Keep in mind that you also control the non-payment of credit cards .

Free loans without interess

Free loans without interess

One of the advantages of requesting money is that the first loan granted to us is free and no interest is paid . This operation is made as a launch offer to get customers and become known in the market in Spain.
In other words, if you ask for 300 euros at the expiration of 30 days, you will return the same amount of 300 euros for which you do not pay interest or commissions.
The way to ask for the credit is the same as in all cases, as detailed above through its website and filling in the form. The financial company already detects that it is a new client and therefore of the first operation.

How to return the loan money

How to return the loan money

Once the loan expires , the applicant receives a receipt in his mail describing the amount to be paid and the date. The loan agreement signed already states that it authorizes the lender to collect the loan automatically using the customer’s credit card and the possible amounts due for interest, commissions and delays.
In the case of non-payment or delays, is also authorized in the contract to debit the client’s account or savings account.
The income that is made to amortize the loan must be properly identified with the number of the operation and the name and ID of the applicant since otherwise they do not give it as received and collect delays.
You can make payment or early amortization before the expiration of the credit without cost and without additional penalties or commissions.