In banks, getting a company loan is not always easy and quick, which is why today I will show you proven methods for a loan for companies without certificates.

When looking for a company loan, we usually direct our steps to banks. This is not surprising, because the smallest possible cost of credit for companies will be obtained through banks. Obtaining such a company loan is not easy, as many of you have probably already managed to convince. Documents confirming earned income, scanning of the KPiR or presentation of documents about not being in arrears with US taxes or social security contributions. Such documents are usually required by banks when we try to obtain a company loan.

Is there an easier way to obtain additional financing for our company? Without presenting stacks of documents and in much faster time? Today I will present to you selected companies that provide loans for companies without certification. Please be aware that the cost of such a loan may be slightly larger than in the case of bank offers. However, the advantage of such solutions is certainly easier accessibility and much shorter time in which we will get such a loan. What’s more, many of these offers are also available for new companies and people just starting their own business.

Bank loan for companies without certificates

One of the most popular solutions that has recently appeared and is directed only at people running their own businesses. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage is the high amount of available corporate credit, which can reach up to 150,000 PLN. So it is a dream offer for people dreaming about bigger investments or starting up their business. The loan repayment is limited, however, because the maximum loan repayment period can not exceed 12 months. The company started its operations in Great Britain in 2012. Due to the popularity of the company’s offer, their services have become available also in other countries, such as Germany, Spain and Poland. A loan for companies without certification is granted in the form of a limit which can range from 5,000 to even 150,000 PLN .

The financing costs are among the lowest among the solutions presented today for people running their own business. We can, moreover, analyze them thoroughly through the loan calculator placed on the website. All you need to do is enter the amount you are interested in and the period in which we intend to pay off the entire debt. The amount of the granted limit depends on the amount of our monthly turnover. For this purpose, requires only bank statements from our company account and accounting documents for the last 6 months, which we can provide electronically. However, if our company operates for less than 6 months, it is enough to send the registration documents themselves.