Get Your Yard Ready for Spring with These Landscaping Tips

The warm, sunny days of spring are about to arrive. Is your yard ready? Probably not after three long months of a freezing cold winter and the snow, ice or rain it brings. Don’t worry! There are simple things you can do right now to get your yard ready for a beautiful spring. Whether it be for a simple makeover and full service mow, edge, weed and seed or if you want to change things up and think about whether or not to build an artificial turf putting green in your backyard.

You may not have used a rake since the days of fall, but get it out and shake it off. It is time to use it to rake up any leaves or other debris lying around after the last bits of snow have melted away. Prune away any dead limbs or branches from trees, plants, and shrubs, too.

Once you have raked up the yard, spread some compost over the areas where you plan to garden in the coming weeks. You will be getting the ground prepped in a healthy way for the coming spring months. Fertilize any growing plants or shrubs while you are at it.

Give your lawn a jump start, too. Mix a few shovelfuls of soil together with grass seed and fill up any bare spots with it. You will need to water it thoroughly and keep this up until you see the new grass growth begin to sprout.

Inspect the yard for any weed growth and set about pulling it out of the ground. Pay close attention to any borders or garden beds. Anything that might have been covered by snow or other yard debris should be pulled so these areas are as ready for new spring planting, too.

Make sure to inspect all of your garden tools. Your lawnmower is probably also ready for a nice, new sharp blade. If you notice anything on it that needs replacing or fixing, now is a good time to take care of it. Replace any tools that have become dull or rusted.

Plan your landscape by considering any new flowers or plants you would like to grow during the spring and summer months. Think about any new color combinations that appeal to you and plan to arrange them carefully. Remember to think about adding focal points and contrast to your landscape by planting items of differing heights and textures. Learn more from Greenhaven landscaping company.

Spring might still seem a bit far off. When you are busy preparing your yard with these landscaping tips, it will make it seem so much closer.