Business Loan

We borrow small and medium-sized businesses from CZK 100,000, up to CZK 20,000,000, interest of 6 to 16 per cent. Compared to last year, our interest rates have not changed much. Small and medium-sized businesses are trying to find new corporate strategies and overcome the recession by loan financing new projects. However, access to finance is often not easy and loans are relatively expensive. According to our survey that we have made this year among entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses now generally need to reach a loan of between one and five million crowns with a maturity of five years.

Business Loan.We consider each application entirely individually and the interest rate for which the entrepreneur obtains the credit depends on the bank’s risk. For investment credits of one million crowns to buy, for example, new technology to help the company succeed in times of crisis, interest rates in banks range from 10% to 18.5%

Lending businessmen


Operational financing

This type of loan is suitable if you need money for the normal running of your business. If you have a lot of receivables, but you are missing funds due to the long maturity of your clients’ invoices or you are hurting the short maturity of invoices with suppliers, that’s why you have this type of loan for you.

Investment financing

If you have a new business plan or want to expand your business, let us know.

Developer project financing

If you have decided to build a residential or commercial property for subsequent sale or sublease, you will need a strong and experienced partner to fund them. Submit your project and get your money.

We also offer refinancing of loans. So, if you are dissatisfied with the loan you have or have more, you can let them consolidate or refinance.

Business credit terms

Approval speed: within five business days
Form of Loan: Loan for Entrepreneurs
Interest rate: Fixed for the entire period (higher) or fixed for two years or one year (now the current rate of 10 to 10.5 percent)
Fees: To provide a loan of 0.5 percent of the agreed amount
Fees for five years total: 16 thousand crowns
Liability: Biankosměnka with avalem plus insurance of the acquired investment with vignalization in favor of the lender
Terms of repayment: 10 percent contribution to project financing from own funds,

Non-bank business loans

Up to CZK 200,000 within 24 hours of approval
We will refund your bonus up to CZK 270,000 for regular repayment
We do not explore your business plan and profit
Minimum documents and do not need to be at a branch office